Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Map Project

A couple of years ago in the Pottery Barn catalog, there was a couch with a beautiful old map framed above.  The map was huge, the size of one the teacher use to pull down in school.  I have always wanted a big map and have my aunt, the antique auction lady, looking for one.  As I wait, I decided to use Cavallini Gift Wrap for my small map subsitute.  I bought three of these maps at Amazon for $4.50 each,  The size is 19 x 28 and I could only find one frame between Michael's and Hobby Lobby that would work.  These frames were black but I held out until they were on sale for 40% off and then I had a coupon for another 20% off.  I sprayed painted them Heirloom white but this turned out too bright, which meant adding some stain to darken the white.  Then the stain was a bit too dark, so I sprayed a towel with the spray paint and wiped over the frames.  It is better but I think I am going to have to find another color to repaint.

My hubby will be so proud and shocked, I used a level and a tape measure to get them just right. 

I am sharing this on
Visit thecsiproject.com

they are having a Pottery Barn Challenge. 

The nest pillow on the couch I made this past winter with my embroidery machine.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Turquoise and Red....

are Pantone's color picks for fall, at least that is on page 16 of my newest issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  Red is Kaitlyn's favorite color and her bedroom walls are more of an aqua so she is close to the hot hues for fall.   She has been wanting a new quilt, more of a fall/winter color scheme and she chose Moda's Blush for her quilt.  We picked up some yardage and a layer cake (42-10" precut squares).  I had purchased this nifty ruler while shopping with Ruth in Oklahoma City.  The instructions have you set the 10" squares together in rows, assemble it into a quilt top with 6-1/2" borders.  Here is the before:

Then you go to work with the Twister template, the quilt top will be 10" after completing.

Here is the after

Pretty darn cool, huh? This template takes ordinary to extrordinary, IMHO. It is off to the quilter tomorrow.

With the small 4-1/2" squares leftover from using the Twister template, I made a quilt for my month-old great niece (that makes me sound old!).  I added some fabrics for the border and her name on the bottom.

Next up is a new quilt for Meredith's freshly painted room, then back to garment sewing.  It was a weekend with no extra activities, so I have really been getting so much done in my sewing room, more pictures of purses/totes and notebooks to come.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jalie 2919 Sleeveless Version

Meredith wore her Jalie 2919 to school, the fabric is a remnant from Needle Nook.  I had to cut the collar with the stripes running this way and the width is 1" shorter but it worked with just a bit of fabric leftover.
Doesn't she look cute?

close-up of pleats:

The original review is here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Tote Bag

Another bag - Variation on the Charm Pack Bag- this one made with the Botany line from Moda.  I used one of their pre-cuts, a jelly roll and just started sewing and cutting.

The first day of school today, my babies are Sophomores, how did that happen? 

I finished another tote today and another just needs lining.  Plans in my head floating around for 2-3 more then back to garment sewing, sometimes I just can't stop!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sewing for Friends and Last Day of Summer Vacation

School starts tomorrow and my girls will be Sophomores, hard to believe!  I have been sewing several things plus painting Meredith's bedroom.

I really thought I was finished making purses and totes but all of a sudden people are wanting to buy these big size totes.  I think girls are wanting them for their books and laptops.  Here is one I made this week:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jalie 2919

I have wanted to make this pattern since it first came up but never could find the right fabric.  After my trip to Needle Nook, I had the right fabric and purchased the pattern from Anne, too.  With the heat index at 110 degrees, I am staying inside and making a winter sweater.  Makes perfect sense, right?

So here is the review:

Description: Long-sleeved drapey cardigan (A) or vest (B) with doubled collar drape and front pleats from shoulder to waist.

Sizing: Children and Adult sizes 2 to 22.

Fabric used:  A sweater knit from Needle Nook Fabrics, very stretchy and a bit spongy and beautiful

Instructions: I thought the instructions were easy to follow.  I tend to look more at the illustrations on Jalie than the written instructions.

Changes:  The only change I made was due to the fabric.  I made three tucks in the front pieces instead of four.  After making three tucks, the front shoulder looked about the same size as the back shoulder.  I compared and the pattern pieces did match, thus eliminating one tuck.  I think this was due to the thickness of my fabric. 
Here is a close up of the pleats and the fabric:

Several reviews have mentioned narrow shoulders and tight arms in this pattern.  I cut a size V out in the entire pattern, plus added about 1/4" to the arms.  This seemed to be a good fit for these areas.  I would add more to the arms if I chose a fabric with limited stretch.

Likes/Dislikes:  Stylish is my first like and the fit of the cardigan.  I like the view from the back, just look at the shaping.

Conclusion.  I will make this again.  Meredith bought a cute black/gray stripe from Needle Nook's Remnant table for the sleeveless version and I have fabric for another long sleeve version.  This garment looks like a great addition to my fall/winter wardrobe, it just  might be a while before I wear it.

Modifications on Simplicity 2599

I reviewed this pattern on this post and was pleased with it until I really went to wear it.  Then I knew it was time to change it or get rid of it.  The elasitc just hit in the wront spot, the top needed to be 2" longer to make it look right and then adjust the elastic casing.

I thought about it a bit and remembered some RTW tops Erin has, the elastic is in the hems.  So that is what I did, added 1/8" elastic to the bottom.  I like it much better, looks nicer with a cardigan and now I have a top that I will wear. 

What do you think?  Not the most flattering angle but you get the idea.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Simplicity 4020 for the Third Time

I can't find where I ever reviewed this top, so I will do it now.

Pattern Description: Misses knit top with two variations, blousy and an empire kimono crossover.
Sizes:4 to 20

Instructions:  Easy to follow and helpful in sewing the garment

Likes and Dislikes:  I like the variations, kimono styling and stylish look

Changes:  I added 3/4" to the bodice front and back on my third version.  My first two were not quite long enought.  I also added 2" to the length.  The first time I made this top from a wonderful sweater knit, I didn't add length and the top was short to begin with.  A trip through the dryer made it way too short.

Fabric:  First time a sweater knit, second time a pink/white lycra knit stripe from fabric.com and the third time a very pretty jersey knit from Needle Nook Fabrics

Conclusion:  This pattern was voted ABest Pattern of 2007 and again in 2008 on Pattern Review.  I think it still looks stylish and fun. 

Third time:

Second time:

I can't find the picture of the third but I did find it on my blog, finally so here is the link to the third

And I did find where I originally reviewed it, mixed in one blogpost with several reviews.Here is it if you want to look at that, too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kwik Sew 3744

Description: Pull-on skirts. View A is gathered to a piece of wide elastic and has side seam pockets. View B has three overlapping ruffles and wide fold-down waistband. Waistband and panels under ruffles are from contrast stretch knits. Bottom edges of ruffles are finished with narrow hems.

Sizing: XS-S-M-L-XL

Instructions:  It has been awhile since I purchased Kwik Sew patterns but after sewing this one, I remember why I use to purchase so many.  The instructions are great, illustrations wonderful and the results are fantastic.  A nice feature on the instructions is all stitching is shown in red, much easier to see in the illustrations.  On this skirt the first step is to sew on the pockets, stitching in red, showing the straight stiching of the seam and the overcasting to finish the seam.  Step one complete, step two is sewing the side seams, now only the side seams are in red and the pocket seams are shown but the stitching is in black.  A great reference and on an easy skirt, as is this pattern, you can just glance at the illustrations.

Likes/Dislikes:  It is all likes.  Current  trendy style to start with and to Kaitlyn the best feature is the pockets.

Changes:  I used the waistband from view B on the skirt of view A.  Also, there is lots of fullness in view A's skirt.  On a lightweight cotton (quilting cotton) the fullness would be fine, the fabric on this skirt was a stretch denim, a bit heavier.  I removed 9" from the width and the skirt would be worn more around the hips than the waist, 3-1/2" off the length. 

Fabric: Stretch denim from Needle Nook with a cotton lycra for the waistband.

Conclusion:  I have enough cotton lycra for another skirt, so Kaitlyn is in the lookout for another piece of fabric for a second skirt.  If you are short on time but want a fantastic garment, sew up this pattern, you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back To School

Meredith and Kaitlyn are getting ready for shool, 9 more days is the countdown.  School supplies are always top priority for them.  They wanted plain binders this year and we found some nice colors at Staples. 

On Sunday, they went to work on the binders with our new Silhouette machine and vinyl.

Take a look at all their creations:

One thing for sure, no one else in school will have binders or notebooks like theirs.  Erin is going to bring out her binders for college, they can work their vinyl magic!

Heading to sew, heat index is 110 degrees, so I am inside the rest of the afternoon.  Tonight is ASG Meeting and my turn for the program, I am doing knits with some talk and some demos.  Wish me luck.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Wadder and a Big Thanks

Burda 4/2010 #102 is a very cute blouse, if you pick the right fabric. I did not pick the right fabric, a solid would be best. 

this is what I chose from fabric.com only in red and white.  Not a good choice, looked like an old house dress my grandmother would have worn!  So it is gone, out-of-sight and onto the next project.  A skirt for Kaitlyn.

I want to thank all of you for your comments here and on Pattern Review for Meredith's dress.  She is thrilled with the feedback and when I told her she had 25 comments on the review, her smile was huge.  So from this very appreciative mom, THANK YOU, the blogging community is wonderful.  She has plans for a sleeveless cardigan and a top, too.  So you will be seeing more reviews from her.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Meredith Made Kwik Sew 3783

Look what Meredith made this past week! Head over to Her pattern Review to read what she has to say. If you have time leave a comment, she would really like it.


Saturday, August 07, 2010

Winner of the quilt

Time for the drawing, Kaitlyn did the honors.

Drumroll please.....

the winner is....
Congrats Patty, email me with your mailing address and the quilt is on the way.

Thanks all for the wonderful comments, I so appreciate it. 

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Simplicity 2599

Description : Misses Tops With Trim Variation: Separate Patterns For B,C,D Cup Sizes

Pattern sizing : 4 to 20

Thoughts on pattern: My finished garment did look very much like the envelope, the instructions are good and easy to follow. 

What did I like: I liked the ruffle neckline, the various views and the best thing is the B,C, and D cup option

Fabric: Lightweight lawn

Pattern alterations: My main design change was due to my fabric. The lawn was very thin and I knew if I made it with one layer, then a camisole would be necessary. I didn't want to wear a camisole, so I cut two layers of lawn for the front and back and used one as a lining.

I sewed the darts, shoulder seams and side seams. Then I matched the necklines and sewed the two garments together. This elimated the need for a facing and solved my problem wiht the thin fabric. I then followed the pattern instructions for the armhole fachings and the ruffle. For the elastic casing, I pinned the two layers tother, measured and marked the casing. Sewing through the two layers, leaving an opening to insert the elastic. The final step was to hem the garment, I turned up the bottom edges of each layer 1/2" and sewed the bottom closed, creating a nice hem and finish.
Conclusion: I will probably sew it again, great layering top and I think a nice woven with a bit of lycra would be perfect for this top. This is a nice, new garment for my closet, to help with the last month or two of summer days.  After a while you just need something new and different to wear, right?

I probably will wear it with a cardigan for work.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Fours Years Ago

On August 26, 2006, I wrote my very first post and ventured into this wonderful community of creativity.  To celebrate this event, I thought I would have a giveaway.  I bit early for my anniversary but school will be starting soon, which means softball and other events and more than likely the anniversary will just pass by in a whirlwind of activities.

The giveaway you ask.  A lapsize quilt I made earlier in the year.

If you are interested in winning this quilt, leave a comment by August 6th and I will draw a winner on August 7th.  This is a way to say thank you for all your comments on my blog and inspiration on your blogs.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Erin's quilt

Came back from the quilter on Saturday and I had the binding on by Saturday afternoon.  Stitched a label out, too.  I didn't have enough fabric to just one piece so I had to use two strips of the zig zag, then one strip of the polka dot.  Erin really liked this.  Speaking of Erin, you can see her arm on the left side of the bottom picture. She has a double bed in her apartment but I made it large enough to fit a queen size someday.

I uploade the pictures in large format and the bottom one in x-large format, so click on them to see the quilt bigger.