Thursday, May 28, 2009


I took my camera to my friend's quilt shop today. Recently, I had made several things and forgot to take pictures. About 18 years ago, I was a big quilter and was active in a quilt guild. A few years later, I had twins and started sewing clothing for them and then clothing for me. Quilting was forgotten, until my friend opened her store. I needed a new quilt for the great room, one that wasn't threadbare and would match the colors of the room. I was at the quilt shop and saw this pattern and had to make this quilt. Currently, the quilt is on display at the shop but I will bring it home in a month, bind it and put it to use.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Thanks to Gwen and Andrea nominated me for this award. Thank you both so much. Gwen nominated me on May 5th, sorry I am so behind on posting this.
I am to nominate others - so my nomination is all the other sewers and crafters who read my blog and comment on my blog. Thank you, the sewing community is such a wonderful place.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Onion

I made Onion 2017 for about the 5th time in some variation. This one I was inspired by this blogpost and all the colors with the black and whites. I used the blue from my Vogue top for the trim and the stripe is from There is a bit of gold in the stripes, not too crazy about that but you don't notice it much. Inserted a bit of piping at the empire waistline to break up the stripes.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vogue 8534

Pattern Review
Pattern:Vogue 8534

Description: Tops A, B have front pleats and kimono sleeve length variations. Top C has front darts, upper front extending into tie ends, inserted through loop, forming bow. A, B, C: unfinished neck edge.

Sizing: 6 to 22

Instructions: Great. The only instruction to really read and pay attention is the pleating for the neckline. The rest is sew the center back seam, shoulder seam and side seams.

Likes/Dislikes: I really like the pleats, dresses up a basic t-shirt. This shirt has great shape and with the right knit fabric drapes beautifully. The only possible dislike is the neckline is not finished. You stitch on the stitching line, which is shown on the pattern piece and then the neckline is complete. Yes, that is an unfinished look and with my solid fabric I like it. A bit deconstructed. Now for a print fabric this might not be a good look, especially if the fabric is only printed on the right side. A look that might not be for everyone.

Changes: I added 1” to the shorten/lengthen line and then another inch to the hem for view A.
Fabric: Bamboo blend knit from First time I have used bamboo, really nice. After I tried on my top, I decided it needed a bit more waist shaping, so I took it in about 1/2" on the side seams (just the waist area)

Conclusion: From I am not sure about this pattern but I am going to give it a try to, wow, this is a really nice top and I will make it again.

Snapped a quick picture

One of the two purses I have been commissioned (just like to use that word, sounds important, but in reality hired/asked) to make. Similar to one I have made earlier. - Charm pack bag - using one less square per row.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vogue and Flowers

I made a Vogue t-shirt. I will review it tomorrow, quick and easy, that is for sure.

My garden is starting to bloom. First, the green of the plants coming through the earth, wonderful color after a long winter. Then the blooms form, as in this climbing rose

My rosebushes are full of blooms, they are gorgeous. I bought these plants three years ago from Antique Rose Emporium and I couldn't be happier. They are wonderful.

Final picture is my clematis. I read in one of my gardening magazines to plant a clematis and a climbing rose on your arbor or trellis. It is a great idea, my clematis blooms early and then the rose blooms later. More flowers and colors during the summer.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Tonight is 8th grade promotion. The twins are so excited to have middle school behind them and high school ahead of them. I want to say slow down girls, life goes by just too quickly!!
We are having a very small party for them after the event. Kaitlyn made the cake.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Diaper Bags

DD#2 has two friends having babies. She asked me to make them diaper bags, we went together to pick out fabric knowing both girls were having boys.

Here is one bag:

and the other:

I was procrastinating on this project, not sure why. Hoping to get back to clothing but two special orders for bags, I might sneak in a couple tops for me!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Questions Answered

Thanks for all the nice comments on dd#4's top.

Here are a few answers to questions

Stephanie asked

Do you think it would be easy to change it to a side zip and more fitted in the back?

The pattern has no zipper at all, I think a side zipper would be a good solution for a more fitted top. Thanks for the idea.

LittleMiss asked

I want to try to make it in a knit. I hope that will work

I think it would be great in a knit, you could possibly go down a size if you wanted it more fitted. The neckline is low and square so it is easy to get on.

Grace wanted to know what my dds' 8th grade dance dresses looked like.

Well, the darker green was purchased on clearance at Dillard's in January. The other one was purchased at a store called Deb.
It was fun to see the different styles they selected but were in the same color family.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Simplicity 3750

Pattern Review

Pattern: Simplicity 3750

Description: Misses’ Tunic or Top with sleeve variations

Sizing: 8 to 24

Instructions: Very good instructions, easy to follow. The illustrations were very useful and helpful

Likes/Dislikes: DD #4 really liked this top when browsing the pattern books during the Simplicity pattern sale at Joann’s. This style is a different look for her but she is very pleased with her top. It is a trendy pattern and a very quick garment to sew. There really isn’t anything to dislike about this top. Well, one thing, this pattern really needs to start at a size 4.

Changes: I cut a size 8 for my daughter, smallest one available. The side seams I used a 1” seam allowance just below the bust to the hem. Also, the pattern calls for bias binding, I used bias from my fashion fabric. Another change is using a smaller length of elastic at the front. This pulled the top closer to the body.

: A cute blue eyelet from Joann’s, the white sash is shirting from my stash. I did not line this eyelet, my daughter just wears a camisole under the tunic.

Conclusion: A winner for my daughter, she is thrilled and I am thrilled she wanted me to make something for her.

Thanks for the comments on the dance. To clarify, I did not make the corsages, just took in the elastic so it would fit my daughter.

Friday, May 08, 2009

8th Grade Dance

An annual event at our school, the 8th grade dance. My girls went with a big group, dinner at a small restaurant, then pictures in a wonderful community garden. Hubby, myself and their older 2 sisters thought they needed wrist corsages for the big event. They were so touched we did this for them.

No, I did not make their dresses but did have to sew the elastic smaller on the yellow rose wrist corsage. Took in about 3/4"!

They were so excited and I can't wait to hear about it.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Pretty Happy Now

I am thinking I like the jacket now. What do you think? I came home, changed my blouse, put on a new knit shirt, added a necklace and the lace jacket. A white long shirt would be the best, but I am liking the cream shirt with my new brown shoes.

A couple of poses, as Lindsay T said one day, what do you do with your hands?

Pictures are a bit blurry, I used the self-timer and the camera focused on the leaves.
Lest you have forgotten - this was the before:

It has come a long way and all for the better, I think and hope. The true test will be in an hour, my 14 yo fashionistas will be home and I will show them the pictures!
Off to pick them up from school and buy some flowers, it is going to be gorgeous here all week, time to get my hands dirty.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sample Sewing

I worked on a couple of samples for my classes at the quilt shop.

Here is Abbey Lane Quilts - Bungalow Bag made from Sis Boom fabric. It is a super cute bag.

Then I worked on Amy Butler's Anna Tunic, it calls for shank buttons, I had 4 matching ones in, yea.