Friday, February 29, 2008

Burda World of Fashion 2/2008 #101

Pattern Review

Burda World of Fashion 2/2008 #101

Description: From page 11(101A), this batiste garment is delicate yet makes a powerful statement with its rich violet color. And, it also looks stunning when worn loose without a belt. From page 65, (101B) This hip-length blouse boasts three trend features. Sixties sleeves, retro-print fabric and raised waist seam. An ultra-wide patent leather belt just adds the icing on the cake.

Sizing: 36 to 46, I made a 38 and made the longer view A.

Instructions: The instructions were really pretty good. Make sure to note the seam allowance instructions for the front band “no allowance on lengthwise facing edge of front band”. Burda instructs you to attach the front band to the upper fronts and when this is completed, work the buttonholes. This does work nicely, you have one side on the upper front and it is easy to stitch that bottom buttonhole. Also, make the casing for the lower edge of the sleeves, try on the blouse and adjust the elastic as needed for the forearm. I stitched my elastic on with my serger and it was not tight enough. A pain to unsew the serging.

Likes/Dislikes: I really liked the sleeves, that is entirely the reason I made this blouse. I am not sure about the raised waist but with the right belt I think it will not look so high.

Changes: One change I wish I had done, my fabric was very lightweight and I should have interfaced the collar band and the collar band facing. I did add ½” to the upper front to drop the raised waist a bit.

Fabric: A stable jersey knit from Needle Nook Fabrics. It is a bit see-through, so a cami will be worn!

Conclusion: A trendy blouse that will be fun to wear with or without a belt. This is a 2 dot pattern but it doesn’t take too long to construct.

On the dressform, the belt is not right but the only one in my closet.

Back on the dressform:

Back on me:
No belt:
Belt on me
Side view:

Sleeve detail:
Basketball note - my daughter's team finished 2nd in Districts. They lost by 20 points but on a positive note, first time since 1992 the girls team has played in a basketball district championship.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Did It Again!

Anyone remember the 1980 Winter Olympics? The U. S. hockey game in particular? The announcer's words keep going through my head, "Do you believe in miracles?" Well, my daughters' basketball team just beat the 7th ranked team in the state tonight. We are playing for the District Championship on Friday night against the 4th ranked team in our state. Our district was loaded with great teams and the girls have come to play. This is so much fun and my daughter is so excited. People are trying to remember but this might be the first time in 15-20 years the girls have played for a District Championship.

Our team was ranked 6th in the tournament and we had a winning record, that shows how tough the district is. We have beaten the #2 and #3 seed. It is like an underdog, Cinderella story.

Look out here we come.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An Upset

I interrupt this sewing for some bragging. Senior daughter's basketball team just upset the 5th ranked team in the state tonight at our Districts. Eliminating them from further play and sending us for another game. The girls were down by 13 but fought back and won by 6 points. My daughter made a 3 pointer with 30 seconds to go to give us the lead by one point. Then the other team was forced to foul us.

It was so amazing to watch these girls play so hard. Another plus, in Districts once you lose the season is over, so I get to watch my senior daughter play another basketball game! Yea for me, yea for her. She was so excited and a local newspaper interviewed her after the game.
Now the girls play another ranked team on Wednesday. The girls have momentum on their side.
The picture wasn't from tonight's game, I didn't bring my camera, plus I was too busy jumping up and down! Those pictures would have been terrible. This picture was focused on the person dd was playing defense on, but I like the motion of this picture.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Simplicity 4076 Wrap Top

A bit more sewing from earlier this week. Simplicity 4076 the wrap version in white knit from Needle Nook Fabrics.

I will have to wear a cami with this one!

The blue picot showed through, so I just:

Gathered edge:

One more fabric from Lucy's Fabric.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Simplicity 9886 - Pajama Pants

This pattern is a Sewing for Dummies pattern and I use it all the time for my pajama pants. It is a one piece with an inseam only. Quick and easy. I use it for all 4 of my daughters, I just change the amount of my seam allowance. On Saturday the twins and I bought flannel at Joann's (on sale $2 a yard) and it is all sewn up. Two pair for each of the twins and one pair for 18 year-old daughter. College girl doesn't need any pajamas, so I will make her a purse or send her an i-Tunes card.

This pair was made my the older twin, M is a whole 4 minutes older, and she loves to sew. I think she did a great job.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Burda World of Fashion 1/2008 #107 Blouse

Pattern Review

Pattern: Burda World of Fashion 1/2008 #107

Description: Vertical, horizontal and diagonal stripes catapult a classic blouse into the trendy league and make the saucy big-inset really stand out. (Description from magazine)

Sizing: 34 to 42, I made a 38

Instructions: Okay, a bit worse for BWOF on this one. Piece #5 right buttonhole band, where do you put that? Then piece #9 tab goes on the front band (#4) with piece #5 but I sure couldn’t figure it out from the directions. So, I left of right front band and put the tab on the back. Thought it was a nice detail.

Here is a close-up of the tab on the front band:

Here is where I put my tab:

Likes/Dislikes: I like the style of the blouse, the fit and the play with the stripes. Also, the collar band was a nice feature. If I make this again, I might round the front of the collar band a bit. The collar band is wide. Dislike was the instructions. Also, I am not thrilled with my buttons but I can live with them. I wish I had another place to shop for buttons other than Joann’s. I used bigger buttons than the picture, I liked the way this size looked on my front band.

Changes: I added 2” to the length of the front and back and sleeves. I wish I had added another ½” to ¾” on the sleeves. I left off the button on the front band right next to the collar band. I would not be using this one and liked the look without the buttonhole and button.

Fabric: A cotton with polyester blend shirting form Wal-Mart, $1 a yard.

Conclusion: A great blouse that goes together beautifully and is a bit different than a standard blouse. I think I might make #108. a short sleeve version of this blouse, with some changes. I have a great red and white stripe shirting.

Here's a picture I shared earlier before buttons, you can see the vertical and horizontal stripes

Back of blouse, love the shaping of the back: Front of blouse:

I have been doing quite a bit of sewing, so maybe I can update my blog with pictures over the next few days.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's A Mom to Do ...... Sew, of Course

First, pictures of one more top for my friend's daughter. Ottobre 3/2006, #36, Tunic Blouse. I used some PRR fabric leftover from a project. I barely squeezed this top out of the fabric. The yoke is not lined, I just used picot elastic and eliminated the zipper.

You can see it in the magazine with a woven:

Here is my tunic from a knit and then a close-up of the applique

Now to title. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, well actually in 35 minutes. I have not had time to even buy a card for hubby or the girls. I decided the girls really needed to have something to open and what could I sew very quickly? Pajama pants and they were all in need of these. College girl doesn't need pj pants, so I will get make her a purse. I really used some stash tonight. From left to right - 18 year old daughter's with pink gingham knit cuffs, Oldest twin knit with lace trim, youngest twin - knit with ribbon trim. Nothing fancy but I know they will all love to open a present. Now off to wrap.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Sewing Week

I haven't had much time to post this week but did some sewing completed. My last project was a quick one - Ottobre 1/2007 #16 Singoalla Blouse for my friend's daughter.

This is my first time using elastic thread in the bobbin (shirring) and I love my results on the sleeves and neckline. Check out this Portabellopixie for information on shirring. I think I am going to take out the shirring at the bottom, it is a bit tight and I didn't have enough rows. Fabric is a crinkle type cotton from Wal-Mart. Boy, this shirt was hard to photograph, it is so much cuter in person!

Closeup of the sleeve.

My work in progress, it just needs buttons Burda World of Fashion 1/2008 #107

Here is a sneak preview of my blouse - fabric is from Wal-Mart, $1 a yard, it is a shirting with a some polyester. I thought it was just the right price for my muslin, and I think this will be wearable one at that. Hopefully, I can run by Joann's to get buttons today. I am going with my older two daughters and my mom shopping, they aren't too keen on Joann's!

Lastly, Ottobre Woman 5/2007 #6, Marlene pants.

Description: Marlene pants with creases and wide turn-ups are best made from high-quality lightweight wool or wool-blend fabric that shapes and molds easily when pressed. The pants have a high-rise waist. The small pleats at the front merge with the creases, and there are small darts at the back waist.
Sizing: 34 to 46, I made a 38
Instructions: The instructions were good, as always I used my Sandra Betzina More Power Sewing book for the fly zipper. Debbie has an incredible tutorial for fly zippers, too. The instructions do include binding the waistband, a nice touch for dress slacks.
Likes/Dislikes: I liked the look in the magazine but thought the legs might be a bit wide. I don’t like my fabric choice and will explain more later. My likes, thought this could/can be a TNT pattern for pants, nice basic style that can be made different ways. Cuffs, welt pockets, belt loops for more casual slacks, etc.
Does it look like the magazine: Not really, my pair has no cuffs, no pleats, no crease, no belt loop! But the shape is the same.
Changes: I had included the front pleats on my pants but after an initial fitting, they pulled so badly and looked terrible. I took out the basting and my pants fit just right. I did not like the cuffs on this pair of pants, I believe this was my fabric choice. Also, I felt belt loops were not needed on a dress pant.
Fabric: Wal-mart find $1 a yard, herringbone type print. I am not sure the content – quite a bit of lycra or other stretch fiber. The fabric did ravel but when a steam iron was applied, you could just watch the fabric shrink! Not good for determining if I made the right size. I should have read the description a bit more, lightweight wool would have been a better choice. The pattern does not have lining instructions so any wool I would have to line. Wool and my skin just does not mix. Conclusion: I like them okay, I need to make them again in higher quality fabric, so I can have better fitting information. It is a nice basic pattern for pants. I do notice from my picture, the slacks are a bit long. I do believe another washing before I re-hem them is in order. With this fabric, it is hard telling what the dryer will do to my fabric! Also, they might be a bit tight in my hips.

fly zipper

waistband binding

Monday, February 04, 2008

Ottobre, Ottobre and More Ottobre

I am still here, just haven't had much to post. I did finish a pair of Ottobre dress pants for me today and will get pictures soon.

Today was a great sewing day, my work is extremely slow and my boss told me stay home. That was fine by me, I decided to sew for a dear friend's 5 year-old daughter. My stash has a few knits left from my girls. Lunch came and went, and I just kept sewing and sewing.

First from Ottobre 1/2006 # 17 ragland t-shirt

White interlock with a polka-dot knit. I added the ribbon to hide the fold line. The white had been in my stash for a long time. I used my coverstitch machine to sew the ribbon, added a Lamington Lane label, this girl is animal crazy and her grandpa is a farmer.

With that in mind, this label was a perfect choice.

Another shirt from the same pattern. Painted Red Rhino (PRR) fabric, which I have an abundance. I used elastic for the neckline.

Next from 1/2008 #8 the "Muffin Tunic"

More PRR fabric dyed a turquoise color. This fabric is scraps leftover from a dress I made the twins when they were 5 or 6. I used every little piece. Added the button and the ribbon for a bit of decoration. I think this will be a dress for my friend's daughter, it is very long.

Lastly, 1/2008 #14 "Puffy" blouse, it is the one on the left under the tunic. On the Ottobre Yahoo email list, this top has had many variations. I used some inspiration from Pam (thanks Pam) and changed the fabric on the first one.

Pink flower fabric came from Needle Nook and I used a pink gingham from stash. I thought this would be perfect for her to wear to pre-school for her Valentine's party.

Then a "Puffy" top in one fabric with elastic knit trim. Fabric was from a coop, the gingham trim is from Needle Nook.

I am going to have to do this more often, these little tops are so quick and fun to make. Plus, I get to use my Ottobre magazines. A great, great day. Maybe tomorrow will be slow at work again!