Monday, April 30, 2007

Another record

Track update....

The girls won their conference in the 4 x 800 and broke the conference record, yea!!! It was 1 second slower than their time last week but still broke the conference record by 9 seconds. Districts are Saturday, fingers crossed

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thank you and some sewing

First, thank you and thank you for all the kind comments on my previous posts, I deeply appreciate it. I have thought of that moment many times this weekend and it brings a big smile to my face.

Now to sewing, I made Simplicity 3838

Used this for the inspiration (Anthropologie)

And this is my garment, printed fabric from Gorgeous things and the black is from Needle Nook.

My changes
- omitted the CF seam, redrew the neckline. Square necks aren't the best for me, so I did a scoop neck
- added 1" to the bodice
-my fabric is knit and I was able to omit the back zipper
- I made a size 12 but had to take quite a bit in at the waistline. If I made it from a knit again, I would make a size 10 at the waist area
- the fabric is a 4-way stretch and I wanted the flower running vertically so I cut the pattern on the cross grain.

I had some fabric left and needed to make something else, so a casual tee from Simplicity 4076

My shirt:

Check out this cool elastic trim from Needle Nook, isn't it great?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Story 27 years in the making

This story begins in May 1980, track season for 4 girls on the 4 x 800 meter relay. C, K, S and L (that's me). You have to remember this was the old days, cinder and shale tracks but if you made it to the State Track Meet you could run on an all-weather track. We had been to state the year before and placed 3rd, with V running instead of S but that was the English standard of track, the 2-mile relay. Back to 1980, yes, we did qualify for state once again, placed 5th with a time of 10 minutes flat. Little did we know that our record would stand for 27 years, C and I joked, "We didn't know how great we were!"
Now fastforward to April 24, 2007, E, S, C and L are on a 4 x 800 meter relay closing in on the record, a few days ago they were 2 seconds away. Well, Tuesday night these 4 girls ran their hearts out and beat the record by 5 seconds. They will probably beat this record several more times before season's end.
You are asking "Why 27 years in the making and why is she blogging about this?" Well, C from 1980 daughter is the "C" in this team and Lori from 1980 has a daughter "E". Yes, that is right my daughter broke my record and yes, I did cry as I took tons of pictures. I was 17 when my team set the record and my daughter is 17, too.
Records are made to be broken, and to have my daughter be one of the girls to do it is just too cool. I am one proud mom!!!
Here is my daughter running last night.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yes, she has another one

Another top for my niece.

Ottobre 3/2006 #36, cotton shirting with purple jersey bands. The bands are interfaced so the jersey is even more stable. The tunic has an invisible zipper and elastic sleeves, another Ottobre winner. The headband is Sew News March 2007, a pattern referenced here Heather Bailey's blog post
Note to myself, put some white fabric under these garments for much better pictures!!!
Off to enjoy a day that isn't in the 30's, we are getting close to 60!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

More sewing for my Niece

Some more sewing for my cute 8 year old niece, she loves it and so do I. I have to share a story first, I usually make an outfit for her American girl dolls to match what I have sewn for her. I did not this time, she has tons of clothes for her dolls and I didn't think she would mind. Well, I had my 12 year old twins in the car, my 11 year old niece, the 8 year old and my 5 year old nephew. We were talking about jobs and what everyone should be when they grow up. I pointed out the building where I work and my 8 year old niece said,"Aunt Lori, I think you should work for American girl instead." High praise, in my book. I think an AG outfit is in order!!

This is #34 from Ottobre 3/2006, matches either skirt I made earlier. Fabric is a rib knit, grosgrain ribbon for the tie. Very quick pattern.

Knit green/white gingham fabric. Kwik Sew 2503, FOE at neck and sleeves with a bow at neckline. This also matches either skirt.

Okay, very cute blouse but pictures are horrible, we haven't seen the sun in days. This is #34 from Ottobre 1/2007. Cotton retro type fabric. First picture is the back, it has 5 rows of elastic shirring at the waist, darling detail.

The front is gathered at the bust area, another nice detail.

Front of blouse, puff sleeves, peter pan type collar.

Something I have noticed from all my Ottobre sewing lately, the garments don't take long to construct but the finished garment is so wonderful. The details and RTW look is incredible. I love this magazine.

I am working on one more top for her with a matching headband from the latest Sew News then possibly a dress. I think that will be all. My twins are wanting a couple of tops from Ottobre and then back to me.

Oh, I wore my new top to the movies tonight. It was a date with dh and the twins' softball team!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend sewing pictures

My top from leftover dress fabric - pattern and inspiration are in this post and this post. My neckline is different, but will be fine. I used every bit of fabric but am thrilled with my new top. Maybe hubby and I can go on a date this weekend!

Skort for my niece - Ottobre 1/2007 #37, same pattern as her birthday skort. I added polka dot ribbon donw the side of the front panel and left off the back pockets

Another skirt for my niece - Ottobre 4/2006 #27, I added to the side seams as my niece is bigger than the largest size on the pattern. The pattern goes to 134 and my niece is a 140 or 146. I used some elastic for the trim with a button instead of a bow.

Next up for my niece - a green t-shirt to match these skirts, a yellow wrap cardigan and a couple of blouses.

Friday, April 06, 2007

I about forgot

I got so wrapped up in posting my new pattern purchases, I about forgot to take pictures of my Easter dress. I did get the last few minutes of daylight so the pictures are nice.
A quick review:
I added 1" to the bodice and to the sleeves for my 5'9". The pattern called for a zipper, I basted my seams and tried on the dress. The fabric is a poly/lycra and the basting showed no need for a zipper, a good thing! I did have to unsew a bit, the bodice was just too big and was not even close to my body. After some adjusting, I have no idea if this is the correct pattern adjustment but it worked for my dress - I shortened the crossover part of the bodice and then the fabric pulled closer to my chest and no gaposis. Next time, I will cut a size 10 in the bodice. My sash is a bit shorter than the pattern picture, it was all the fabric I had.
This pattern is a quick sew and stylish, a great combination.

New Patterns and Inquiring Minds

Thank you for all the nice comments on my blog, I appreciate it and really enjoy reading them. Now back to the post:

Okay, many comments on the cute top I posted on my last post (Anthropologie, BTW) and I cut it out last night using 2 patterns. For the bodice and sleeves, New Look 6515, I have made this before and love it, I used the pink & white view. It has the same band on the neckline, the band in the front and the ties. What do you think?

For the front bottom, Simplicity 4317. This has more fullness than the other pattern, I could have just added to the New Look pattern, but why reinvent. I am going to do small tucks instead of gathers for the look, also the hem is straight.

I went to Joann's Simplicity sale today after work and bought this, it would work, too. I would have to add length to the bodice, a bit too maternity looking. Simplicity 3838
Then I bought this, I love the sleeveless dress and the jacket, too. Simplicity 3874, or it is in a pattern cabinet display and the number is 0644
This one for the green shirt. The pattern is for bias wovens but I think it would work for a knit. Simplicity 4045
I saw this on Stacy's blog and thought gotta have that pattern. Simplicity 4074
Finally, this one is just great, I love the one on the model. Simplicity 3790

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter sewing and more

I finished my Easter dress tonight, it is this Butterick

I had a few fitting issues, the bodice was just too big at the crossover and hanging away from my body. I had to unsew the bodice from the skirt and do some adjusting. I am quite pleased with the look now. My twins said it looked so pretty and that was during my fitting before the sleeves were sewn!! I will have pictures tomorrow.

My good friend, Anne, Needle Nook fabric, sent my latest fabric order this week and included some wonderful camo knit. Camo with a bit of pink, the twins loved it and picked out some patterns. One is this Ottobre 1/2007 #39, this led to another email order to Anne for some ribbing and knit for the faux tank!!!

Next sewing is a top from the 1+ yard of extra fabric from my Easter dress, I am surfing the web for ideas - what about this one?

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Fabric from Gorgeous Things Fabrics I bought it tonight

Inspiration from Anthropologie

Another piece I purchased from Gorgeous Things Fabrics and the top from Anthropologie, I will probably do a different neckline. I bought some solid black jersey knit from Needle Nook Fabric for this and another project.

I have a brown/aqua/cream jersey knit from Gorgeous Fabric for a wrap dress. It might be this Butterick, I sent Anne at Needle Nook a swatch and she matched the aqua perfectly. So I might use the aqua for the sash, what do you think? I also have the New Look wrap dress pattern

Or the fabric could be this dress, I have the Duro dress pattern from Butterick.
I think that is all for now, I have more fabric and patterns but will save those for a later date. Any suggestions on the dress? I am going to start that first and maybe it will be done for Easter. All clothing photo credits are Anthropologie.
Oh, one last thing, check out this sight, great inspiration, Frugal Fashionista, I am not much of a star watcher but I like this sight to get ideas.